Car service website design

What should the owners of car service websites pay attention to in order not to miss a lot of potential customer traffic from the site? Let’s figure out!


Adaptability of the ready-made AutoCity solution on all gadgets. A modern website today should be simple, understandable, responsive, and fast. Responsiveness means versatility and ease of viewing from any device (be it smartphone, tablet, or desktop). And for car services, mobile traffic is one of the most important.

Think for yourself, in case of an unforeseen breakdown of the car, the first thing we do is turn to a smartphone for help. And most likely we will choose those car services that will be at the top of search results. With mobile traffic, it is responsive sites that are displayed at the top, since Google and Yandex give them a greater privilege in search results.

Pay attention at the home page

The main page (ed.: Hereinafter home page) on the site as a reception in the office. A visitor to your office should have a different impression. So it is with the home page. The home page of your site should have simple navigation, contain all the necessary sections, and call to action.

  • Profile header

The profile header should at least contain the following sections: information about the company, services and prices, useful information, successfully implemented projects (tuning studio), promotions, contacts.

  • Detailed catalog of services

Provide the maximum list of services you provide. Each service of your car service should be accompanied by a detailed description, conditionally, a service card.

  • Banner advertising

Make time for banner ads. If you have promotions and specials. suggestions, be sure to post information about this in the slider on the home page.

  • Add customer reviews

On average, the availability of reviews, according to retail experts, can increase sales by up to 20%. Moreover, many services offer convenient widgets for their placement.

  • Links to articles

Maintain the image of automotive experts. Publish a digest of your articles immediately on the home page.

  • Information about partners

The logos of the well-known brands whose products you offer instill confidence in the client.

  • Call to action

Provide an opportunity for an interested client to contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible. Be sure to place an active contact form on the main page.

Services Page

The elaboration of the service card deserves special attention. At a minimum, it should contain a vivid photograph, a description of the service, its cost, time to complete, and the warranty period with the ability to leave a request for repair.

Try to sort information as much as possible. For example, for services that provide tire fitting services, a section with prices will become relevant, which is divided by wheel diameters (r13, 14, 15 …) and car size (from a small car to a minibus). While for a car wash service, it will be a good idea to classify prices by car size (small car, business class, SUVs, etc.).

SEO optimization

It is not enough to create a high-quality website, it is important to promote it as well. It is worth dwelling on search engine optimization (SEO) in more detail here. SEO is aimed at bringing the site to the top positions in the search engine results for thematic queries. The main thing is to choose the right semantic core (requests for which customers could find the site of your car service).

Analyze your audience. What requests are most often asked to you in a car service? What car owners are your main customers? To what extent is the question of price a key issue for your clients when choosing a particular service? By answering these questions, you can easily select targeted search queries.

Interesting content

Many car service sites have long positioned themselves as auto portals with a list of useful information. This additional site demand builds trust in your company. Write articles that respond to current user requests. For example: “How to challenge traffic police fines” or “How to choose high-quality winter tires”. In general, focus on facts and figures – they are clearer and more objective.

An additional plus will be special online services: all kinds of inspection calendars, service calculators, and much more.

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