Cinema mobile application

The mobile app for buying cinema tickets is just one feature that is easy to implement. Imagine that your client doesn’t have to stand in line, watch posters, and choose which movie to go to. And if there are no seats at the session? A person comes to the cinema and only there he learns about it. The cinema app helps not only to buy tickets. It is needed to inform the user, maintain a loyalty program, keep interested, and be active.

For business, the application for buying cinema tickets is an additional opportunity for sales and expansion of functions. Firstly, the viewer will always be aware of the availability and will be able to book online. Secondly, you can sell tickets in advance for new items by booking seats. The online payment function will make the order simple and convenient. The loyalty program will provide bonuses to help keep viewers interested. And additional sales will expand the list of services provided and bring more profit.

A cinema app not only generates income for the owner but is also a useful tool. Viewers love these technologies, as they greatly simplify their lives. You can easily win the love of users if you have the following tools:

Watching new films that will just come out

Trailer, reviews, previews, ticket booking button. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with new products and plan a trip to the cinema, and for business – a pre-sale.

Information about films that are already running

Why go somewhere if you can see what’s going on in the cinema on your smartphone. The mobile application for buying cinema tickets allows you to place an order in a matter of minutes, choose a seat, get an electronic ticket and watch a movie, having planned a session in advance.

“About cinema” section

Here you can share information with users not only about the films that go to the cinema but about all the films. A kind of encyclopedia in which the user can pass the time and learn more about the film, director, actor.

Special offers and bonus program

Who doesn’t love discounts? The app for buying cinema tickets can not only sell services but also give additional bonuses, accumulative points, and discounts. This is how customers become permanent.


This way, viewers receive information about new products, discounts, and reminders that tickets have already been purchased so that the visitor does not forget to come to the session.

Viewers love the interaction, you can implement interactive tools, augmented reality technologies that will captivate and retain interest even more.

The mobile application for buying cinema tickets is a necessary tool for a cinema that wants to simplify the work of the business, facilitate the interaction of customers with the institution and provide better services. The main task of such an application is to contact the client in a form convenient for him. This is how the cinema penetrates the user’s smartphone, which increases traffic, and therefore sales. It is easy to implement loyalty program tools, sell value-added services and expand cinema capabilities. Use modern technology to take your business to the next level.

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